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ABOUT Al-Karim

Beautiful, Fresh Cuts Everyday

Established with a commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering only the finest quality meats, prepared with the highest standards of hygiene. As seasoned experts, we craft exquisite cuts designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates, all at competitive prices. Specializing in the ritual Qurbani for Eid, we bring a unique blend of tradition and technology to your experience, offering video calls during the Qurbani process to ensure transparency and satisfaction. With us, you’re not just buying meat – you’re experiencing a legacy of trust, quality, and value.


Nice to Meat You

Step into our comprehensive product section, an exquisite showcase of high-quality meats meticulously curated to offer an unparalleled experience to our customers. From prime cuts to the freshest produce, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring the superior taste and texture of our offerings, each one reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality.

Beef Meat

Savor the richness of our premium beef - bold in flavor, superior in quality.

Chicken Meat

Experience the versatility of our fresh, succulent chicken - the key to a culinary masterpiece.

Mutton Meat

Indulge in the unique, deep flavors of our prime mutton - tradition and taste in every bite.

We Provide Fresh Meat Every Day

Experience the freshest cuts of meat every day at Al-Karim. Our dedicated team ensures you receive the highest quality, hygienically sourced meat for your culinary needs.


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Best Selling Meat

Discover our best-selling cuts of meat, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and flavor. From succulent steaks to juicy chicken breasts, these favorites are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the meat you provide pure for sure?

Yes, we commits to offer our customers pure Halal meat with no contaminants and pollutants.

What is the guarantee that you provide Halal and hygienic meat?

We have our own in-house panel of Muftis and a team of Food Scientists and veterinarians to ensure that all our products are certified Halal and 100% safe for consumption. Meat One has its own microbiological testing labs, ensuring meat is properly check and is approved to be consumed by our customers.

Is the meat you provide freshest meat?

All our meat reaches the stores within 12 hours of slaughtering after going through all the quality checks, in a temperature-controlled van so it always reaches you FRESH and without any pollutants as the truck in sealed and temperature is maintained to prevent degradation. This process enables us to ensure maximum hygiene, and freshness and this helps us to retain the taste of meat.

How An Order Is Packed?

Meat is packed in sealed containers. Container is clearly labelled with name of product, weight/ quantity info/ date packed and shelf life.

Cancelling An Order

Where you order goods that are unavailable for any reason, we shall notify you and we will agree to send an alternative product with your order or organize a full refund or a credit voucher.

How you will receive your order

All orders will be sent in insulated delivery bag to keep your meat.
On receipt of goods, please immediately refrigerate your items to ensure freshness. Please note all fresh items are suitable for home freezing. For frozen items, do not refreeze once thawed.

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